Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Mama i'm a big girl now....

Ruby is officially a big girl and boy do we know it...2 weeks of walking her on the lead, has turned her into a crazy beast. Suddenly she has come over all self conscious and feels naked and so has invested in some black lycra hot pants...teenagers huh!!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

who said we couldn't be freinds

This is Minkie our 8 week year old kitten.
Isn't she beautiful.

I thought she'd be scared of ruby at first but the opposite has happened. She has taking a liking for ruby and now thinks she's a dog which is abit worrying.

If you can't find her be sure to look at ruby's bed and there you'll find her hanging off ruby's big floppy ears pouncing all over her and nibbling her tail. They have become the best play mates.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Busy sundays

On sunday Radio, Hamish and Ruby followed closely by their entourage, took to the canals for a for a morning stroll. Radio was the most impressive with his 2k swim...i think in no time he'll be ready to swim the english channel. The walk was lovely running through the long grasses of hackney marshes each dog taking it in turn to dive into the canal. The entourage were so tired and hungry we stopped for fuel at a lovely cafe in springfield park.
After such a an epic walk ruby decided to take it really easy

This is Ruby chilling out in the hammock in the garden

Soon enough our mates louise and kyle arrived

Ruby being the good hostess threw on her favorite red t-shirt and entertained our guest, she even performed her favorite jumping through the hoop trick they were very impressed.

After all that excitement she was back in the hammock while the part swung on.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Puppy Punting

A few weeks back we all went punting along the upper river Camb in Cambridge. It was such a lovely sunny day fit for a pinic.
ruby just couldn't help herself but wanted to get involve with the general running of the punt making sure everyone was okay including her buddy lilly who spent most of her time basking in the glorious sun.
This lily enjoying her self lounging on the punt

Ruby felt she couldn't sit anywhere else but up at the back the view she felt was far more exciting. But sure enough when the wind changed she found herself clinging to the river bank.

A lovely day was had by all and as the sun set began to set lily felt she'd lay and look up at the stars

Monday, 2 July 2007

It must be love, love, love....

Yesterday at the Tower Hamlet dog show in Victoria park we finally got to meet Ross and Steven the owners of Hamish Mckhan a beautiful vizsla boy. We'd met Hamish a couple of months back when he was just a wee pup down at the columbia flower market.

Ruby and her new friend Hamish. Hopefully this friendship will blossom...into puppy love....

Young Hamish at Columbia rd flower market

Sunday, 1 July 2007


Vizsla Mania

With Vizsla hype sweeping the East end of london it was only fair that Ruby got in on the action.
Since arriving in Hackney she has been the victim of mistaken identity, often mistaken for Radio or Hamish.
So now the time has come for the diva to reveal herself and take centre stage...